An investment in yourself.

As a Continuing Care Retirement Community, The Spires has been structured to provide the assurance of ongoing care at predictable fees. Like most CCRCs, residents pay an upfront entrance fee and an ongoing monthly fee in exchange for a wide array of services and amenities that include healthcare services over a lifetime. Both the entrance fee and the monthly fee are associated with the size of the apartment selected and the number of occupants.

What is an Entrance Fee?

The entrance fee you pay to The Spires is largely refundable at the termination of the residency agreement. The refundable portion will be paid to you should you choose to move from The Spires, or to your estate upon your passing. This fee assures you will receive all the benefits of residency and enables us to contain the cost of your ongoing monthly fees.

What is included in the Monthly Fees?

Monthly fees cover the cost of your rent, meal plan, housekeeping and upkeep, as well as entertainment programs and activities and major utilities.

The monthly fee is generally equal to or less than the monthly cost of living residents formerly paid in their homes before moving to The Spires, especially when one considers the cost of all of the services, amenities and upkeep included. In addition to the comforts and convenience of living here, residence at The Spires means saying goodbye to the cost of homeowner’s insurance, utility bills, home maintenance, yardwork and all the challenges of home ownership.

How Much Does it Cost to Live at the Spires?

As with most Continuing Care Retirement Communities, The Spires requires an upfront entrance fee and a monthly fee. Most future residents will choose to fund their entrance fee from the proceeds of the sale of their home. Monthly fees are based on the size of the apartment home or cottage selected and the number of occupants and, in most cases, will be comparable to the cost of living independently.

Our fees have been determined based on providing both the level of residential and medical excellence that you desire, and a financial model that is affordable and sustainable. To learn more about our fees and pricing, please schedule a one-on-one appointment with a senior living counselor at The Spires by calling 706-368-9955.

What If I Have Long-Term Care Insurance?

In most cases your long-term care policy will work hand-in-hand with your care at The Spires and pay earned benefits directly to you as the policyholder. These payments can help defray, and in some cases, completely cover, your monthly service fee at The Spires and help further preserve your assets. As with all insurance matters, you should consult with your carrier or agent for specific answers regarding your individual policy.

Are There Tax Advantages of Moving to The Spires?

Yes. Under current IRS guidelines, the non-refundable portion of your entrance fee may be submitted as a pre-paid medical expense in the year you occupy your residence at The Spires. Also, on an ongoing annual basis, a percentage of your total annual monthly fees paid is also eligible for the same tax benefit. That amount varies each year, and correlates to the proportion of the community’s annual health care operating expenses relative to total operating expenses. That percentage is communicated to all residents annually by the community’s Executive Director.

Tax laws are, of course, constantly evolving and always subject to interpretation, but recent legal precedents have been favorable for CCRC residents who have sought to deduct portions of their fees. Of course, you and your tax preparation professional should consult closely to determine the best strategy.