Things to do, people to see, places to be.

Here at The Spires, you can find unexpected fun and opportunity in every crack and crevice of our campus. That’s part of what makes this is a community of un-retiring retirees – a place where you can join in on as many clubs, classes, activities, and scheduled events as you like.

That passion you’ve always had, but didn’t have the time for? Pursue it here, on your own terms. That course you always wanted to sign up for, but couldn’t make the drive to each week? The opportunity lies right around the corner.

In our community, resident programs are what you make of them. For some, they’re also exactly how you make them too – just ask the neighbors who’ve started their own clubs here, and have watched them grow in size over the years. They’ll tell you how easy it was.

That’s because whatever inspires your curiosity, The Spires is here to help foster it – to create new opportunities that aren’t found at your average retirement community, making Rome feel more like home than ever before.

Here’s just some of the resident activities you can expect to find here on campus:

  • Exercise classes and fitness instruction at our wellness center
  • Mentoring programs
  • Hiking/Biking groups
  • Philosophy circles
  • Religious discussion groups
  • Concert and Theater productions
  • Art classes
  • Organized game nights for Scrabble, card games, and more
  • We could keep going, but you probably get the point!

Of course, there is always that precious quiet time – those days when a good book or a favorite TV show is the only companion you crave. Relax and enjoy it. After all, that’s what retirement is for – to live life on your own terms.