Things to do, people to see, places to be.

Choosing to make your future home at The Spires at Berry College will open a world of active potential through our resident activities program. Imagine a lifestyle that removes the burdens of home ownership and replaces them with the time, freedom and opportunity to learn, grow and expand your horizons in countless ways.

Maybe it’s an interest you’ve always had and want to keep following. Maybe it’s a new subject that will challenge your assumptions and expand your horizons. Whatever inspires your curiosity, there are endless opportunities to follow your passion here at The Spires.


This is a community of un-retiring retirees, where you can take part in as many clubs, classes, activities and scheduled events as you have time for—or as few as you like. Resident activities here run the gamut from religious discussion groups to Scrabble, from mentoring programs to current event debates. If you are committed to fitness, dive right in. Our wellness center with an indoor pool and fitness center are ready when you are. Or, if hiking and biking are more to your liking, the 40 miles of scenic and serene trails at Berry College are yours to explore.

Some residents at The Spires will find they have interests in common with their neighbors, and form organized groups of their own to play bridge or tennis, discuss books and movies, share travel experiences and many other pursuits. Of course, there is always that precious quiet time when a good book or a favorite TV show is the only companion you crave. Relax and enjoy it. Just know that right outside your door, whenever you are ready, is a whole world of stimulation and interaction, welcoming neighbors and an embracing spirit. Whatever happiness means to you, The Spires at Berry College will help you bring it to life.

More than 60% are retired educators, mostly come from Rome and surrounding areas, average age of 74 years old.