“You don’t get to work on a lot of sites that look like ours”.

– Danny Nocharli, Project Manager at Brasfield & Gorrie

As the construction of The Spires continues on– naturally – we become increasingly curious as to how the physical infrastructure of the community is beginning to take shape. As time progresses and momentum builds, I wanted to gain some insight into the tremendous task of bringing The Spires to life and into the lives of some of the people behind it. Per my request, Danny Nocharli – one of the Assistant Project Managers assigned to The Spires – sat down and answered some of my questions about this process.

Having recently relocated to Rome from Atlanta, Georgia for close proximity to this demanding project, Nocharli explained that its been nice to get away from the city – something anyone who’s ever had to navigate Atlanta traffic would likely relate to – and feels lucky to be placed on a site as beautiful as this one stating “you don’t get to work on a lot of sites that look like ours”.

Although Nocharli is a recent graduate, having obtained a degree from Auburn University in Civil Engineering in May of 2018, he has been working with Brasfield and Gorrie General Contractors since 2014. As part of a cooperative education program offered by the university, he was able to seek out opportunities with companies for hands on experience in his field where he spent three alternating semesters working for the company prior to accepting a full-time position with the firm. Evident from our conversation, Nocharli has a tremendous amount of respect for the company, referring to it as his dream job. “I love it” he explained, “the company values, the quality of the work and just everything that they stand for – it’s like a close-knit family”.

As one of the Assistant Project Managers, Nocharli is involved with orchestrating a number of the different activities involved with the construction of The Spires. In addition to playing a large role in the customization process, one of Nocharli’s day to day activities includes overseeing the management of different sub-contractors and navigating obstacles that arise throughout the construction process. Perhaps the biggest challenge faced during this time has been delays resulting from unforeseen and unpredictable weather conditions. Despite this, individuals on the site have been working around the clock – when weather permits – and have made significant progress. “The third floor of the independent West building will hopefully be framed within the next two weeks” he explained, “we’re also pouring concrete for the health care building and commons area”.

As an employee who spends the majority of their time at the Information Center, I really valued the insight into this area of The Spires. With his role, Nocharli has the opportunity to bridge gaps between the marketing team, future residents, owners, and architects and has the unique opportunity to interact with people from a number of departments. While this position undoubtedly keeps Nocharli busier than most – something I inferred based on how many times his phone rang within the time span of ten minutes – he explained that construction has been something that has always held his interest and that this type of work has always been a clear path for him. With that said, I’m happy to introduce Danny Nocharli as one of the many individuals we have the pleasure of working with and as one of the many individuals responsible for bringing this community to life.