As we are approaching the final steps before introducing future Spires residents to their new home, we are in the midst of preparing for the activities that will be available on site. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Gary Waters, who is the liaison between The Spires and Berry College, to discuss The Spires’ future activities and their current progress.

Dr. Waters noted that there have been ongoing productive conversations between Berry College and The Spires in regards to the shared space at Berry for future residents. A clear agreement has been established about creating a woodworking shop accessible to both Spires residents and Berry students. There are two, possibly three, locations that are currently under consideration and the final decision will be based on factors related to access, cost, and facilitating the interactions between Spires residents and Berry students.

“The woodworking shop is expected to be open close to June of 2020, when The Spires itself will be opening, and will be equipped to meet the level that skilled woodworkers would expect,” Waters stated. A question that has been raised is whether future residents can donate equipment to the woodworking shop- and the answer is a definite yes. Dr. Gary Waters spoke to this by stating that future residents can donate any equipment they may have at any point in time as a way to provide for the shop and the college. The space for this equipment to be stored has already been identified.

Additionally, Berry College is moving ahead on the creation of Pickleball Courts for future residents. Currently, the two tennis courts closest to The Spires location are being converted into four new pickleball courts, all of which Spires residents will have full access to. Waters noted that these courts will be ready in the near future.

Berry College is also beginning to study options for providing lake access to future residents. It is expected that there will be a dock and non-motorized boating allowed within the lake. Due to safety and insurance considerations, final plans have not yet been completed. The uncertainty is currently situated in whether or not this will be a floating dock, and if boats will be allowed on site.

Dr. Waters ended the conversation by stating that the college is enthusiastically supportive of these initiatives and will be working towards implementing them in ways that provide the greatest benefit to the residents, while still being mindful of health and safety concerns. If you have any additional questions, concerns, or recommendations please contact Dr. Gary Waters at