Amanda Reeves

Magnolia Place’s House Physician Program

The team at The Spires at Berry College thought of every detail to make life better for the residents who have chosen this community as their home. One detail that was not overlooked – outstanding primary medical care on campus. Many of the residents who moved to The Spires came from outside the Rome area and found themselves needing to establish a new primary care physician. “This was one of the biggest decisions we had to make when we moved to Rome,” said Brenda Layfield, Spires resident. “Leaving our physician was tough, but we were confident The Spires team would make this easy for us. Rome has no shortage of excellent medical care.” The team at The Spires established a relationship with Floyd Medical Center and Dr. Amanda Reeves to help develop a house physician program at the community. When the community opened in June 1 to Independent Living residents, Dr. Amanda Reeves was introduced to the residents as an option to provide primary care services. As part of this relationship, residents could see Dr. Reeves in her office on Shorter Avenue, just 2 miles from The Spires community. Eventually as patient demand increases, Dr. Reeves will establish hours where she will come to see residents in their own homes at The Spires or at the clinic in Magnolia Place. Magnolia Place, the Healthcare Center for The Spires will open this fall and additional medical care providers will be introduced to the residents. Dr. Reeves will see patients in Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care, and her nurse practitioner, Linda Hoffman, will be able to see and treat patients as well. “Being able to go to a resident who is living in Memory Care makes life much easier,” says Dr. Reeves. “Not having to interrupt someone’s routine with getting out and about in the community keeps residents much happier, particularly when there are memory concerns.” For Magnolia Place’s Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation community, Dr. Greta Flaherty will serve as the Medical Director and will be available as the Primary Care doctor for the residents. She will be supported by Ashley Millican, Nurse Practitioner. “Especially now with the concerns of COVID-19, we are pleased to have this partnership in place so our residents can be seen by their primary care physician in their own home,” said Nick Lancaster, Magnolia Place Administrator. “Not having to go outside of the community means that the residents are more likely to have their preventative healthcare needs met as opposed to waiting until a crisis comes up.” Should a resident at The Spires have an acute care need, they can choose to go to either of the two major, local hospitals: Floyd Medical Center or Redmond Regional Medical Center.  And should the resident prefer, we can arrange EMS or nonemergency transport to these settings, so as to alleviate that burden. Residents also have the ability to work with Functional Pathways, a therapist-owned organization with more than 25 years of experience in serving senior living communities.  They will be able to offer residents services to include Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and post-acute care, all in their two state-of-the-art rehabilitation gyms located on the first and second floor of Magnolia Place.  These services can be utilized as covered by the resident’s Medicare, Managed Medicare, private insurance, and/or supplemental policies. “Our team has been working hard over the past year to provide solutions to any healthcare concern that our residents may have – whether that be today or tomorrow,” said Lancaster.  And it is this seamless continuum of care that supports The Spires’ goal of promoting wellness and health as a key to a fulfilling life. For more information about Magnolia Place or the healthcare programs at The Spires, please visit or call (706) 368-9955.