Meet Brianna

If you’ve stopped by to visit us at our information since the start of the new year, you may have noticed a few new faces around the office. To start putting some names to those faces, we would like to give a warm welcome to our newest intern Brianna Black. Brianna is currently a junior at Berry College pursuing a degree in marketing and public relations with plans to graduate in the Spring of 2020.

Brianna grew up with her grandparents in Snellville, Georgia—just a few hours outside Rome. Although being in such close proximity to the school, Brianna was not terribly familiar with Berry until the latter part of high school when she attended a college fair and got some more information on what would soon become her future home. At just over 2000 students, Berry seemed like a good fit for Brianna as she recalled not wanting to go to a terribly large school. In addition to this, Brianna was one of the twenty students from her class to be accepted into the Bonner Scholars Program—a service-oriented scholarship program where students become involved with local non-profits. For her service project, Brianna chose Mercy Care, an organization that provides older adults and their families a daytime health program.

Prior to joining us here at the Spires, Brianna worked on the marketing team for Berry’s student enterprises where she was able to gain experience working with social media accounts, promotional activities, and branding for the various enterprises. With several semesters worth of marketing related experience gained from this position, Brianna became interested in becoming part of out team here at the Spires. While she was familiar with the idea of the Spires throughout her time at Berry, Brianna stated that she has developed a deeper understanding of the community upon working here and looks forward to sharing that understanding with her fellow classmates.

Coming from a town right outside Atlanta, Brianna experienced a slight culture shock upon coming to Rome. With the absence of heavy traffic, abundance of local restaurants, and the impressive student to deer ratio —just ask any Berry student—after the obligatory adjustment period, Brianna soon likened Rome to a second home. She enjoys having easy views and access to the mountainous regions of North Georgia and through her service with Mercy Care has developed strong relationships and appreciation for the people of Rome.

Although she will no longer be a student when the Spires joins Berry’s campus, Brianna is excited for the unique opportunity to be a part of this highly anticipated addition to the community. With a heart for service and relational orientation, we are excited to welcome Brianna as the newest team member at the Spires.