The prospect of moving into senior living naturally represents a major change for both seniors and their loved ones. It’s understandable to have specific concerns or even fears about senior living communities if you’ve had minimal exposure to all they actually offer. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has only made those misconceptions worse. The truth is, Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC) like The Spires at Berry College have taken extensive coronavirus safety measures to ensure the health and wellbeing of the entire community, from residents and their families to every single member of our experienced staff — including at Magnolia Place, the brand-new health center specializing in Assisted Living, Memory Care and Skilled Nursing. Coronavirus prevention is paramount to providing a safe and comfortable community that people will love to call home.

Myth: Senior Living Community = Nursing Home

Prior to COVID-19, many people thought of life in a senior living community as cold, expensive and restrictive. That may be because they associated a community that provides health care services like Assisted Living, Memory Care and Skilled Nursing with traditional nursing homes, which are distinct from CCRCs. It’s also common to worry about finding your place in a new community, surrounded by new people away from the lifestyle you’ve known for so long. Cost is also a natural concern, as most individuals want to be sure that they can afford a comfortable life in a senior living community, especially as their medical needs and expenses increase.

Those fears and concerns often cloud the perception of what life is like at a CCRC. Fortunately, not only are these just plain myths and misconceptions, they’re actually quite the opposite of what you’ll find at The Spires. Instead, our community will offer a vibrant lifestyle where residents can thrive and enjoy untold opportunities to explore new interests, meet new people and experience all the incredible highlights that Rome, GA, has to offer. Plus, through the new Magnolia Place health center, The Spires will be the only community in the area to offer Skilled Nursing, Memory Care and Assisted Living options all in one place.

Myth: Because of the pandemic, I’m safer at home.

Despite what some may think, when proper coronavirus safety measures are put in place, senior living communities provide a safe and controlled environment for residents, their loved ones and staff members. Consider the risks that exist for seniors living in their own home. There, unlimited outside factors exist that can increase the likelihood of infection. At a CCRC like The Spires, those uncontrollable factors are eliminated thanks to minimal contact with outside visitors and the convenience of having everyday needs accommodated onsite. Daily tasks like doctor’s visits can be conducted in the community, so there’s no risk of infection while sitting in a waiting room. Groceries and medications can be delivered straight to the residences, rather than making trips to a grocery store or pharmacy. When friends and family are able to visit, they’ll be able to do so in welcoming outdoor areas that allow for privacy and comfort while still maintaining social distance from other residents and team members.

Myth: Senior living communities aren’t equipped for a health crisis.

While there may be communities that aren’t equipped, this isn’t the case for every senior living community, and each of them is different. Significant precautions  and guidelines, provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), have already been taken throughout The Spires at Berry College and Magnolia Place to protect residents, staff, and any guests on campus. These include:

  • Mandatory social distancing in public areas
  • Mandatory facial coverings required in public areas
  • Regular COVID-19 testing for all team members, and offered to residents
  • Required temperature and oxygen level checks for all residents, team members and outside guests
  • Proper hand washing and sanitation encouraged throughout the day
  • Appointments, made at least 48 hours in advance, are required for all visiting guests
  • Frequent sanitizing of common areas throughout the day
  • Virtual tours encouraged in lieu of in-person visits

When compared to a rental community or a private residence, The Spires will truly stand out. As the newest senior living community in the Rome area, it will offer 34 spotlessly clean, completely private and spacious residences for seniors to call their own — something that’s more important now during this pandemic than ever before. No other community in the area will be able to provide the same level of peace of mind, along with the comfort of financial security and predictable healthcare costs. When that type of worry is removed, it makes room to focus on the things and people that matter most. And Magnolia Place at The Spires will make it easy to do exactly that.

Myth: I’ll have to be isolated in my room in order to stay safe.

All throughout The Spires at Berry College, residents have access to amenities designed to enrich the body and enliven the spirit, and that can still be enjoyed while maintaining proper social distance and other safety measures. Both Cliffside and Lakeside Dining will offer restaurant-quality service while being reserved for residents only, with social distancing practiced throughout the dining areas. Outdoor areas and walking trails will be open for resident use, and tech devices like iPads or other tablets will also be readily available so residents can stay in touch with friends and family no matter where they are. Residents are physically distanced, but never alone.

Magnolia Place at The Spires will offer everything residents need right onsite. Not only is this especially convenient for residents, it also puts their safety first by limiting interactions and the potential for infection. This includes:

  • Housekeeping services and maintenance of standard appliances
  • Residence and grounds maintenance
  • Utilities including heating and air conditioning, water and electricity, cable television, and wireless, high-speed Internet access
  • Real estate taxes and building insurance
  • Comprehensive wellness, fitness, recreational, social and educational programming
  • Scheduled, local transportation
  • Private medical transportation
  • 24/7 security and emergency response
  • Onsite banking services and concierge staff
  • Salon and spa services in full-service spa with salon and barbershop
  • Dry cleaning and personal laundry
  • Catering, meal delivery and guest meals
  • Personal car service
  • And more 

Every member of the experienced staff at Magnolia Place will be committed to ensuring the highest quality of life and peace of mind for all our residents and their loved ones. Expertly trained team members will be available throughout the community, 24 hours a day. Not only does this mean care is never far away if needed, it’s known. Over time, our residents and staff will get to know each other like family, and will treat one another with the care and compassion that only family can provide.

 Making the Right Move 

When moving into senior living, nothing is more important than the comfort level of you and your loved ones. Moving, especially during a pandemic, is an adjustment, but it can be made easier when you know that the place you’ll soon call home has placed coronavirus prevention at the top of its priorities.

If you’re ready to start exploring senior living communities to call home, consider The Spires at Berry College — a CCRC where you can feel confident in your decision and excited about your future.

Find out what you can expect at The Spires, as well as the new Magnolia Place health center, by contacting us at 706-368-9955, or visit our website to learn more about your options.