For many seniors, the idea of moving to a senior living community raises questions—and sometimes even fears and concerns. While this is understandable, what most people find is that when they move to a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) such as The Spires at Berry College, the majority of their preconceived notions about what modern senior living might be like prove to be inaccurate.

In reality, most seniors find that CCRCs, or life plan communities, like The Spires provide life-enhancing offerings, features, and amenities that promote the flourishing of vibrant, active communities.

In this post, we’ll cover:

  • Some of the most common fears about senior living communities
  • Why CCRCs are different from what many seniors expect
  • The features and amenities that will make The Spires at Berry College special when it opens in 2020

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Common Concerns

Before peopleexperience life in a CCRC, they often view senior living and retirement communities as expensive, restrictive places where all the residents are frail, sick, and in their final days.

Cost is a natural concern, as seniors want to know whether they’ll be able to afford life in a senior living community—especially if their health care needs increase.

Fears about the new community and surrounding area are also prevalent, because most people want to know that they’ll be living amongst friends and neighbors in a location that offers them opportunities to go out and enjoy themselves when they want to.

Many seniors also worry about their independence, and their comfort in a new home.

Misperceptions and Myths

The fears and concerns listed above are logical for seniors to have—if they aren’t aware of the lifestyle that CCRCs actually offer their residents.

Upon closer inspection, these fears play into common misperceptions of CCRCs. Not only are these myths untrue, they are actually the opposite of what life at a CCRC is like.

For example, although many people believe that staying in their current home (known as “aging in place”) is better than moving to a CCRC, in many or even most cases, it isn’t always the rightlong-term decision. Because of home maintenance and repair costs, increasing health care needs over time, and decreasing physical mobility and independence, staying at home can be more expensive, isolating, and frustrating for seniors.

Moving to a CCRC gives seniors the peace of mind and security of fixed living expenses, predictable health care costs, and a continuum of health care services when needed—not to mention the opportunity to live in an exciting community of like-minded, caring individuals.

Additionally, seniors often find that the CCRCs they move to are located in exciting, thriving areas that lend a wonderful neighborhood feel to the senior living community. The Spires at Berry College is a great example of this; located in picturesque Rome, GA, The Spires will form an integral part of a bustling academic community in a beautiful natural setting.

A Different Kind of Retirement Home

The Spires at Berry College proves how CCRCs challenge the preconceived notions some have about senior living communities.

From a home comfort perspective, The Spires’ homes and buildings will be models of luxury, convenience, and beauty. These residences will provide the true feel of home, with features such as:

  • Walk-in closets
  • Spacious baths
  • Individually controlled heating and air conditioning
  • Open concept kitchens
  • Modern appliances
  • Astounding views of Eagle Lake and the mountain ranges surrounding The Spires

Of course, this is just a sampling of what to expect at The Spires. The main takeaway is that, rather than moving to a drab, unexciting living environment, moving to a CCRC like The Spires is actually an opportunity to relocate to a modern, beautifully-designed new home—which doesn’t require any maintenance or repair (because the community handles these needs).

Amenities for Today’s Seniors

Beyond the comforts of home, CCRCs offer residents an abundance of amenities that provide a fulfilling living experience for all.

Specifically at The Spires at Berry College, the quality of life is in the details. The community’s grounds, buildings, services, and activities have all been meticulously curated and designed to provide the best experience possible.

When The Spires opens, residents will enjoy:

  • Fine and casual dining venues
  • A modern, fully-equipped fitness center
  • A comprehensive wellness center with an indoor salt water pool, wellness and fitness programs, classes, and water aerobics
  • A full-service salon with a salon and barber shop
  • 40 miles of natural trails for hiking and exploration
  • On-site banking and business centers
  • A hobby room
  • Common spaces like the main courtyard

Additionally, the “Berry College” part of the community’s name means that residents will have access to the pristine college campus. From lectures and seminars to concerts, theatrical performances, sporting events, and more, this interaction with the college will provide valuable engagement and enrichment for The Spires’ residents.

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