Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle: The Wellness Benefits of Life at a CCRC

Staying active as we go through life—both mentally and physically—plays a large role in determining the length and quality of our lives. Scientific research confirms that those who keep themselves active and engaged in society tend to have better health and wellbeing outcomes than those who live more sedentary, isolated lifestyles.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) understand this, which is why these senior living communities devote so many resources to promoting an active lifestyle on their campuses. At The Spires at Berry College, residents will enjoy an array of services and amenities that make active living a natural part of their day-to-day routines.

The Active Senior

The importance of physical activity and social engagement for seniors’ health and overall wellness is well documented. And, according to the recent Age Well Study, CCRC residents report having higher levels of general well-being than their peers who live at home or in other types of retirement communities. The study, which includes responses from 5,000 residents of 80 life plan communities across the country, revealed that 69 percent of respondents reported “somewhat or greatly improved” social wellness after moving to a CCRC.

It’s not hard to understand why: keeping the body and mind active helps to keep the body and mind young, and CCRCs make it much easier for residents to exercise their bodies and minds than do other retirement communities.

As we discussed in our blog, “Lifelong Learning: Good for the Mind and Body,” a number of studies have shown just how important it is for seniors to stay mentally sharp. These studies indicate that taking on new hobbies increases memory skills, that lifelong learning may help prevent Alzheimer’s Disease, and that reading and continuing education reduces stress and leads to better overall health.

In addition to diverse and stimulating learning opportunities, CCRCs provide residents with options for physical fitness, healthy dining and nutrition, social engagement, and a sense of community. These aren’t just perks—they’re essential to our future residents’ wellbeing.

Seniors who don’t live at CCRCs such as The Spires at Berry College, on the other hand, often face a number of challenges that make physical and emotional wellness difficult to maintain. Some of these challenges include a lack of transportation, immobility, health conditions, and separation from friends and loved ones. For seniors who live alone, in particular, these factors can decrease quality of life and health outcomes.

Not Your Grandfather’s Retirement Community

Today’s CCRCs, or life plan communities, have nothing to do with the nursing homes of yesterday. They’re not dreary, depressing medical buildings; rather, modern CCRCs are vibrant, interactive communities. Residents at a life plan community aren’t lonely, isolated, or sedentary—they’re constantly making friends, learning new things, staying physically fit, and enjoying their lives.

At The Spires at Berry College, this is especially true. The Spires offers future residents an abundance of services and amenities to ensure that they are able to maintain healthy, happy, and active lifestyles.

For one thing, The Spires provides residents with on-premise fine and casual dining, a modern fitness center, a full-service spa (with a salon and barbershop), a hobby room, and a comprehensive wellness center which features an indoor warm salt water pool, wellness programs, fitness classes, and water aerobics.

Located in picturesque Rome, Georgia, The Spires also boasts 40 miles of natural trails for hiking and walking in nature. Additionally, The Spires is minutes from Berry College, where residents can go to sit in on lectures and seminars, attend concerts and theatrical performances, enjoy sporting events, and work out at the Rome Tennis Center.

Living Well

At a life plan community like The Spires at Berry College, residents lead active and enriching lives—in and outside of their homes. This is one of the main reasons why people move to this type of retirement community, after all; they want to become part of a full-fledged community where residents are excited about the days and years ahead.

Freed from the burdens of home ownership, worries about medical care and financial planning, and the other challenges of aging in place, residents retirement communities like The Spires tend to find that they have newfound time and energy to do the things they love each day—from games of bridge to book and movie clubs, hobby groups, and more.

Participating in activities, forging friendships, exercising, and keeping your mind sharp are not simply nice things to do in a CCRC or senior living community—they are vital practices and habits that keep residents younger, in better spirits, and in better health.

“The Spires at Berry College just seems to be everything that I really want,” said Susi Edwards, future resident at The Spires. “Living on a lake is something I’ve always wanted to do—it’s just awesome. I think in my mind, I’m already there!”

Learn More about The Spires at Berry College

If you or your loved ones are interested in discovering more about The Spires at Berry College, the active and healthy lifestyle of The Spires’ residents is a great place to begin your exploration—and our Retirement Value Guide an ideal resource for you to familiarize yourself with all The Spires has to offer.