Thank you for your continued support as we all work together to keep our community as safe as possible from COVID-19.  Our testing thus far this week has yielded one new positive case.  Total quarantine and proper procedures have been in place to keep everyone safe. 

Vaccine information is constantly changing.  This week a second vaccine has been approved.  We are still waiting for the Federal and State governments to determine the order in which they will be distributed.  Frequent and changing information regarding COVID-19 and vaccine distribution is delivered daily if not hourly. It takes time for us to discover which portion of this information pertains to The Spires at Berry College.   Just be confident that there are many people assisting us with ensuring we stay healthy. 

Our Holiday Tent is up and in use!  This area is overflow for any event that goes over capacity.  Also, we would like you to enjoy time with your visitors there.  You can invite your grandchildren to play outside with you, however when you visit outside you still must have everyone check in at the concierge desk.  You also must continue to wear your masks, practice social distancing, refrain from eating together or touching and hugging your visitors.  I know this is difficult, however being together is what makes memories. Let’s make some great, safe memories this holiday season. 

Please check with the concierge desk before inviting visitors for the tent.  You don’t need reservations, but we cannot have too many people in there, either! 

The Governor has stated that there will be no changes until January 8, 2021.  

We kindly ask that you direct any questions or concerns to Tracy Cochran at 706-280-2410. 

Laurie Steber 

Executive Director