Thank you for your continued support as we all work together to keep our community as safe as possible from COVID-19.  160 tests last week week yielded three new positive, asymptomatic cases of staff.  Total quarantine and proper procedures have been in place to keep everyone safe. 

Our hope is that everyone was safe during the Christmas holiday.  Our testing will let us know how we did this week!   I have heard many stories of zoom, facetime and phone calls to keep the connection with our families.  While not our preferred celebrations, they were safe and will allow us to be together safely sooner than later.  I  myself got to see lots of Santa’s gifts strewn all over my brothers houses while my niece and nephews darted from one new thing to the other!  I could feel the energy and excitement over the phone.  Wow! Young children are a force for delight!  But so are we.  Our December, though different, has been fun and has kept us entertained by seeing Santa Claus, meeting new friends from Java Joy, listening to great music, watching Rome Little Theatre’s live performance and even line dancing while wearing  our pajamas in public! It truly has been a December to Remember.  I expect our Festive Fridays and holiday parties next year to be mesmerizing since we  have plenty of time to buy lots of gold, silver, shiny, red and green sweaters plus new pajamas to show off!  The future will be captivating! 

Vaccine information is constantly changing.  This week a second vaccine has been approved.  We are still waiting for the Federal and State governments to determine the order in which they will be distributed.  Frequent and changing information regarding COVID-19 and vaccine distribution is delivered daily if not hourly. It takes time for us to discover which portion of this information pertains to The Spires at Berry College.   Just be confident that there are many people assisting us with ensuring we stay healthy. 

The Governor has stated that there will be no changes until January 8, 2021. 

We kindly ask that you direct any questions or concerns to Tracy Cochran at 706-280-2410. 

Laurie Steber 

Executive Director