If you or your loved ones are considering a move to a continuing care retirement community, or a life plan community, one of your primary questions may be: “Is moving to a CCRC worth the cost?”

Better educating yourself on CCRCs such as The Spires at Berry College is the best way to understand their value, and to make the best choice for the important years ahead.

Understanding the Basics

For many, weighing the costs vs. benefits of CCRCs is an important analysis. Seniors are sometimes unsure of the value or are hesitant to sell and move out of their homes. Some perceive CCRCs as unfriendly nursing homes or assisted living, or they have “sticker shock” reactions to the costs associated (without factoring into account the inherent costs of aging in place).

Yet, the value of a community like The Spires at Berry College is clearly demonstrable. In addition to providing comfortable, well-maintained independent living units for residents, CCRCs offer many amenities and services—cafes and restaurants, health and fitness centers, social clubs, arts and entertainment, and more—while also handling the vital medical care that people require as they age.

Those who move to CCRCs do so for many reasons, such as providing peace of mind for their adult children and families, being able to support themselves financially, controlling medical costs, and choosing a place where they want to live on their terms—when they are healthy and eager to join a vibrant community.

“My wife and I joined our community at the relatively young ages of 67 and 70, respectively, and we would do so again without hesitation,” says CCRC resident Rich Fersler.

Common Fears about Moving to a CCRC

Despite the value of CCRCs, it is wise to consider such a major life decision carefully. Among the common fears that people have before moving to a retirement community, many are understandable and valid.

People need to know whether a particular community is the right place for them—what the community is like, what kinds of activities and programs there are, and how the CCRC fits into its surrounding neighborhood.

Additionally, it can be complicated to figure out what the costs are, and what medical care payment options and services are available to residents.

Common questions are: “Am I ready to move out of my home?” “How well does the community staff interact with the residents?” “Is the CCRC financially solid?” And, “Will I get along with the other residents here?”

The Difference-making Value of The Spires at Berry College

At The Spires, we understand the concerns listed above. That is why we go above and beyond to provide the best living experience and community we can for our residents.

Situated in the beautiful and picturesque college town of Rome, GA, The Spires is intimately connected with the youthful energy and lifelong learning environment of Berry College. The natural beauty of the surrounding area, with its waterfront and mountain side views, gives residents a sense of peace and comfort.

The amenities and facilities at The Spires will include an on-site Health Center with Assisted Living, a Memory Care unit, and Skilled Nursing services, as well as access to Rome, GA’s world-renowned medical centers.

The Spires will also offer fine and casual dining options, a modern fitness center, a full-service salon and barbershop, 40 miles of nearby hiking trails, on-site banking services, a business center, and much, much more.

Moreover, The Spires’ pricing has been structured to provide the assurance of ongoing care at predictable fees. Homes in the community are priced competitively with other communities. There are often tax advantages available to new residents when they move, and the costs of living at The Spires are affordable and of high value for many.

The Cost of Waiting

Of course, the costs of moving to a CCRC or a life plan community are not a zero-sum game. There are significant costs to “staying put” as well—the costs of waiting.

When it comes to moving to a CCRC, sooner is often better. Waiting to make the move can increase stress and uncertainty, which take away from one’s ability to enjoy the present and the future.

Additionally, waiting to make the move often means that costs will rise, and options will become fewer, as you or your loved ones age. Putting off the decision today often means spending more money—with less control over your circumstances—tomorrow.

While staying at home may seem like the least expensive option, especially with a mortgage, home ownership involves many secondary costs such as real estate taxes, homeowner’s insurance, repairs, maintenance, and more.

Then there are healthcare costs, which—even with long-term insurance—often skyrocket as people age and deal with health challenges. Services like Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living, and Memory Care are often unaffordable for most people who do not live in a life plan community such as The Spires at Berry College.

Learn More about The Spires at Berry College

At The Spires at Berry College, residents will form close and lasting friendships, bond over common interests and pursuits, and enjoy numerous amenities, services, and volunteering opportunities. And, all units will be just a short walk from the natural beauty and academic spirit of Berry College in the heart of Rome, Georgia.

To learn more about the potential that a move to The Spires can offer you or your loved ones, please download our Cost of Waiting guide.