You’ve come to best possible place. And you’ve come at the best possible time.

We don’t have to tell you that home values, both here in our region and nationwide, have reached an all-time high, prompting many experts to predict that they may soon be due for a correction.

What you might not know is that The Spires at Berry College will soon be moving from our extended, discounted Construction Pricing to our Standard Pricing at the end of August.

These conditions are converging to create an extraordinary opportunity over the next few weeks for those who have been considering the possibilities of selling a home and relocating to a spacious modern residence here on our bucolic campus.

Simply put, right now you can realize more revenue from the sale of your home than you might ever have expected. And you can move into the Spires for less than will be possible ever again. But only if you make a commitment between now and August 31st.

If that interests you, please click here to contact us so that we can discuss your options and advise you of the most advantageous course of action.

Regardless of what you decide, you will feel better having closely considered the benefits of acting during this unprecedented, and perhaps unique, moment.


Get more information and an opportunityto secure your space at this inspiring new community.