It’s simple. There has never been a better time to make a move to retirement living than right now. There has never been a better place to move in our region than The Spires at Berry College. Being a part of The Spires from the very beginning offers you the ability to help shape the community into one of your very own. And given today’s pricing, there never will be again.


During this time of epidemic uncertainty, residents of a Life Plan community are in the safest possible place—protected in the privacy of their residences, supported by a caring and highly professional staff, provided for, and with medical expertise and state-of-the-art accommodations right next door. Furthermore, in respect to the pandemic, The Spires has instituted a program of rigorous protocols for keeping our residents and team members safe, secure and comfortable until conditions allow us to relax those restrictions and policies.


Statistics consistently show that those who move to life plan communities such as The Spires will experience a higher quality of life, and often greater longevity than those who remain in their homes. Ordinarily, most communities require a strict screening for cognitive and chronic conditions, and ultimately so will The Spires. But during our opening phase, that requirement has been waived so no potential resident will be declined because of a pre-existing impairment.


The economic reality is that moving to The Spires will never be more affordable than it is today. Once construction is finalized, pricing is virtually certain to rise—as will the cost of care. By committing now, you can assure that your monthly fees will remain stable even should you or your spouse require a higher level of care in the years to come. Finally, recognizing the financial uncertainty of the times we live in, our team at The Spires has been brainstorming creative and cost-effective solutions that offer new residents a range of flexible options in terms of moving and payment schedules. With the multitude of financial variables that your family may be facing, our team has a tool to sort through the clutter and help you map out the next several years of your retirement financial life. Speak to a sales counselor to learn more.


It takes foresight to understand the value of moving to a community that abounds with opportunities at an age when they can still be fully appreciated. But among those with the vision to recognize that value, it’s clear that there will likely never be a better time to move in terms of their physical and financial health. And that there will likely never be a better place for those who appreciate the attractions and amenities of the Berry College campus and Rome.


We’d welcome the opportunity to give you a tour of The Spires – we’re Guest Ready and will be exercising an abundance of caution to keep our current residents and team members healthy and safe.  Please contact us here to schedule an appointment, ask questions or to speak directly with one of our committed future residents.