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Assisted Living in Rome, GA

A helping hand for healthier living.

We all reach an age where some extra help makes a big difference in helping maintain independence and enjoy life more fully. Assisted living provides the comfort of knowing support is available whenever needed. Our team of compassionate caregivers creates a trusted network, developing a personalized care plan for each resident and their unique needs.

While we provide a helping hand with household chores and life’s daily tasks, like dressing, bathing and medication management as needed, residents can embrace opportunities for enrichment in mind, body and spirit. Residents in assisted living feel confident and energized to take on each new day, free from worry about what they can or can’t do.

Continue to grow with assisted living.

In assisted living, residents continue to enjoy a variety of dining options and activities, taking advantage of all the programs and amenities our community has to offer. It’s more convenient than ever to meet with friends in one of our elegant, shared spaces or learn something new through on-campus events or other learning opportunities.

Entrance Fees – For residents of The Spires, there is no additional entrance fee for relocation to Health Services. Residents entering Health Services from outside of The Spires will be responsible for paying a non-refundable Community Fee.

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