A helping hand, a giving heart.

With the goal of maintaining both the autonomy and dignity of our residents, Assisted Living caregivers serve as both an extension of the care team and of the family. 

Our Assisted Living neighborhood occupies the third and fourth levels of Magnolia Place. Residents of this neighborhood must require help with at least two activities of daily living such as bathing, grooming and mobility. Under the guidance of skilled care givers and practitioners, Assisted Living residents enjoy a home-like setting, surrounded by their own décor and furnishings and are encouraged to share meals and activities in our shared social spaces.

Costs – Room & Board: $3,995 – $4,245 per month. Additional levels of care will be determined by our nursing team based on individual needs. Costs vary based on services needed and can range up to $1,200 per month.

Entrance Fees – For residents of The Spires, there is no additional entrance fee for relocation to Magnolia Place. Residents entering Magnolia Place from outside of The Spires will be responsible for paying a non-refundable Community Fee of $1,500.


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