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Comparing Options

Understanding the cost.

There are several flexible financial arrangements offered at The Spires, offering different benefits of senior living to meet your long-term needs. Some of our payment options offer a refund of entrance fees up to 90%, making financial planning more predictable for both your estate planning and for different levels of care that may be needed someday.

The Spires vs. Ownership Communities

The primary difference between ownership communities and continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) is that CCRCs have a continuum of care conveniently available on the same campus. At The Spires, that continuum of care includes assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing and rehabilitation.

By contrast, residents (owners) of ownership communities are not only expected to change locations when their health needs change, but are also responsible for the resale of their home and payment of a monthly fee until their home is resold even after they have moved out.

The Spires vs. Rental Communities

The primary difference between a rental community and a CCRC like The Spires is that residents have priority access to a comprehensive range of support and quality on-site health care – giving you security and peace of mind for the future. Additionally, CCRC residents have their money returned to their estate upon death, meaning their family receives a refund once their specific financial contract concludes.

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