We all reach an age where an extra hand goes a long way. Here at The Spires, that’s what Assisted Living is for. Our team of compassionate experts work with every resident to develop personalized care that can be provided within the comfort of their own home, all while independence is maintained, allowing retirees to thrive in their golden years.

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is designed for those who can live independently, but require some level of assistance with their daily activities. Though resident’s needs may vary, some of the most common forms of help provided to those in assisted living include home maintenance tasks like cleaning, cooking, laundry, and more.

Assisted Living at The Spires

Life doesn’t change much for those in our assisted living residences. In fact, aside from the guidance of our skilled care givers and practitioners, it doesn’t really change at all.

Residents continue to enjoy the usual array of dining options and activities, taking advantage of all the programs and amenities our community has to offer. Our selection of residences range from cozy studios to expansive two-bedroom apartments, with many offering a private kitchenette and living room space, as well as private bathrooms, ample windows and built-in storage. Here, they can continue to host friends and guests, participate in clubs, and even go off-campus to local events. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

For more information on our assisted living apartments, please contact us via email or phone at 706-728-3600.

Entrance Fees – For residents of The Spires, there is no additional entrance fee for relocation to Health Services. Residents entering Health Services from outside of The Spires will be responsible for paying a non-refundable Community Fee.


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